We launch INNOVATION Haus

We launch INNOVATION Haus

We launch INNOVATION Haus

We launch INNOVATION Haus



Innovation Haus is an interactive and dynamic space where we make bonds with Partners and have contact with candidates, to foster their creativity and empowerment.
We care for your needs and understand them.

Candidate Roadmap

Take the initiative in your search process, be the protagonist of change.

Brand interest:

which companies or brandS grab your attention? What do people think about these companies or brands? Do you know the companies culture and benefis? Whats the feedback given by their employees? Can you identify the companies leaders?


Staff attraction:

Which job positions are available in the company? Which are the candidates profiles the company is interested in? How much does the company pay its employees? What projects is the company currently working on?



Do I have a pleasant and comfortable experience with the company and/or consultant when applying for a vacant position and sending your resume?



Do you have enough information about the evolution of your job hunting? Are you familiar with the stages youll have to go through along the process?



Did you feel comfortable? Did we embrace the companys values? Did you have a good experience?



You are part of the staff! Your professional career in the company is about to start. Congratulations! You have just begun the ONBOARDING process!



Thus, we suggest you should start your own experience by:

Self-assessing yourself

It implies carrying out a self-assessment process to be able to improve. We are encouraged to look for new ways of learning but also to abandon or change old-fashioned management styles which are no longer effective. By carrying out the following online test (MBTI), based on Carl G. Jungs Psychological Types Theory (Jung, 1921), we can increase our self-knowledge and awareness in order to overcome our personal weaknesses.

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Recognize and regulate your emotions.

One of the most effective and powerful techniques is MINDFULNESS, which gives you more insight into emotions, and therefore, improves teamwork. Watch Martín Reynoso TED TALK about Mindfulness.

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Turn on the music and relax! Music makes us feel good and connect with others, defines moments and situations in which you'd like to be involved. Music plays an important role in projects and promotes creative ideas.



Take an acitve role in this change! We promote a healthy working environment. InHause and Yerbo are working together to help you identify your Burnout Rate and connect with your mind. Therefore, we can break bad work habits and promote the development of healthy, creative and sustainable working environments.

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Drive Innovation

Partners and associations we integrate: